I firmly believe in the indissoluble relationship between values and people. Companies and individuals do have their economic, social and cultural function and only through those it is possible to create synergies, to develop plans, to grow financially and ethically.

My intention is in the development of a system for the evaluation and management of the knowledge and the competences in the organization. This managerial instrument should also lead to a double evolution: in organizational field, developing the first method to calculate the economic value of knowledge, and, in the public Internet, developing the first semantic search engine.

Note: it is right that one is driven by his own vision and has the opportunity to succeed in it, but currently the delivery of economic value must be part of the coherent presence of the person in the market.
Everything starts from the person, especially now that the system obliges us to preserve our digital identity, may be more than the physical one. One has to turn his vision, his values into a general and many specific policies, not as an imposition of the self but as his continuous adaptation to the environment in which he operates. It is self-marketing, where it is important to know the market, its needs, its trends, and become a chameleon, but always the same one.
Thus, starting from a general scenario and going towards my personal one, I'm continuing to work to connect them, adapting the second to the first.